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Canning Tips from your Burley and Rupert, Idaho Ace Hardware Canning & Preserving Learning Center
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Adjust for Altitude
Problem Solvers
High-Acid Foods
Low-Acid Foods
Produce Purchase Guides
Miscellaneous and FAQs
How to Adjust for Altitude
Just as it does when baking a cake, a higher altitude can affect your fresh preserving recipes. Follow these easy-to-use charts to determine how to adjust for altitude for your recipes:

When preserving high-acid foods such as soft spreads, salsa and pickles, use the Altitude Chart for Boiling Water Canning.

When preserving low-acid foods such as vegetables and meats, use the Altitude Chart for Pressure Canning.

Problem Solvers for Canning & Preserving
Whether it's pickles, jams and jellies or this years caught salmon, here are the answers to help your customers with their fresh preserving challenges. Help make their signature creations perfect every time!

Ensure you have the freshest taste and color for your pickled creations. The Pickle Problem Solver helps you find the answers to picking the best produce, preventing discoloration of your homemade pickles and ensuring your pickles are crunchy anytime.

Find the answers to why fruit floats in your jams, jellies are filled with bubbles, and your soft spreads seem too soft. Also learn how to remake your jams and jellies if you've followed the Ball FreshPreserving™ instructions and they haven't set in two weeks as directed. The Soft Spread Problem Solver gives you simple solutions to ensure your jams and jellies are perfect with each serving.

Find solutions to failing seals, loss of liquid from jars and darkening of foods. Understanding the causes, prevention methods and solutions for all of your canning and preserving challenges.

High-Acid Foods - Step-by-Step Canning & Preserving
Because they are relatively easy to preserve, foods containing high amounts of acid are a popular choice for fresh preserves. These foods provide you with the opportunity to prepare and enjoy a wide array of creative recipes...from excellent side dishes to delectable desserts.

For high-acid foods such as tomatoes, fruit and pickles that are processed in a boiling water bath.

Low-Acid Foods - Step-by-Step Canning & Preserving
Vegetables, meats, poultry and seafood are such a natural part of family meal planning that preserving these low-acid foods ensures an economical and well-balanced diet throughout the year. Low-acid foods are easy to preserve, yet requires special handling to eliminate the risk of spoilage caused by the bacteria clostridium botulium and its toxin-producing spores.

For low-acid foods such as vegetables and meats that are processed in a pressure cooker.

Produce Purchase Guides
Translate your produce from units to pounds to yields. Buy just the right amount for your canning & preserving needs.

Miscellaneous Canning & Preserving "Stuff"
Whether your vegetable patch is in a simple barrel on the balcony, or in an extensive garden of your own, get the most out of it with these fresh gardening tips and guides.

Which jars are freezer safe? Best for pickles and jams? Click here for your guide to the right jar.

Quick kitchen conversions at your fingertips.

For safe canning of salmon, please follow the directions carefully. Processing salmon in a pressure canner is essential to eliminate the risk of Botulism.

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